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Hello everyone. I’m Tejaswini, A final year undergrad in ECE at NITW. I like to explore new things both technical and non-technical. Currently diving into the world of Web development.

Ever wondered how authentication happens when you login to any website and you get all the details that are visible only to you. It happens because of Authentication by various methods. While I was learning how to design login and signup page for one of my project I thought it would be useful to learn what JWT is and then use it in project. …

  • I used api to display my technical blogs on my portfolio.
  • Recently when I participated in a hackathon I used this to display the user’s blogs along with search bar.
let btnDev=document.querySelector('#devbtn')


let output='';

How I used, Code forces and Git hub Rest API to embed in my hackathon project? Do check this out..

I participated in MLH New Year New hack and made a front-end website called DevProfile where users can check their friend’s blogs, open source contributions and also competitive programming statistics.

This was my first time using React in hackathon and I successfully have been able to complete what I wanted to do using react-routes and Rest API.

Frameworks I used-React. Java Script,HTML,CSS.

Github code Link-tejaswini22199/DevFolio: This is for new year new hack. (

You can contribute to the project to add backend support.

I was part of CRIO-Winter of doing and I learned about curl and it’s super awesome to have a tool like that. Although there are tools like postman now-s-days curl was invented way back in 1997 that can be used in Linux terminal.

  • Introduction:

CURL is Client URL which is a command line tool used to send and get HTTP requests for debugging or testing while you are developing or using Api’s .



The above command is by default a GET command where the response is displayed in the form of HTML.

curl -o store.html

The above…

Image Credits-FounderPassion Foundation Google

Why Hackathons?

  • Since Hackathons have time restrictions. You have to do the project within the given time and without procrastinating your work.
  • It will help you network with students from other colleges and know about them. Also, you can get guidance from many mentors and working Professionals during Hackathons.
  • Hackathons will reveal the inner you, the talent in you. Since you will be choosing your idea from the given topics, you will be thinking out of the box creatively.
  • Another advantage is, you can enhance your skills in collaboration and Team making, as you work with others during the hackathon.


NITW’21.Indian based Web developer. Interested in Problem Solving and working on projects which can solve the problems in our society. Hackathon Enthusiast.

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